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Haunted Xmas

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This Christmas, play as the miserly ghost of Scrooge, who loves nothing more than his beloved treasure. But what happens after you die? You come back and haunt everyone who tries to steal your treasure of course! Also featuring the three ghosts of Xmas who try to protect Humans and sabotage your plans. Challenging and fun Xmas game for the entire family!

Inspired by the story 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens, first published on 19th Dec 1843.

Protect your treasure and scare the Humans away using your magical, ghostly powers.

  • Play as a ghost and scare humans away
  • Drag and Drop fire element to make people's head catch on fire. Choose from a variety of ghostly power elements.
  • Protect your treasure from the greedy humans
  • Touch interface makes for a fun game for all ages
  • 8 Packs and 120 amazing Levels
  • No additional in app purchase or advertisement

Scare humans away

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Magical Superpowers

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Simple drag n drop

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8 Packs and 120 Levels

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