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Is full immersion the goal of Virtual Reality?

Posted on Dec 31, 2017 in Uncategorized


If you look at it, there’s a pattern to innovation. Humans tend to design systems to mimic nature as closely as possible. Till now, nature tends to design the most efficient systems possible to achieve it’s goals. Some examples:

  1. Aerodynamics uses the concept of Lift and Drag and study birds to design machines as close to them as possible.
  2. Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. It would be more efficient in terms of cost and energy if you could use biology to illuminate the world instead of a battery.

You get the point.

Now coming back to the question. Yes. Absolutely. VR pioneers are working towards the goal of fully immersive VR which mimics nature. Let’s understand ‘WHY’.

Full immersion would ideally mean you pop in to the VR world, have full physical control of your body which would look and function the exact same as it would in the real world, right down to the blinking of your eyes along with all 5 of your senses. Fully immersive VR would solve a ton of problems.

  1. Physically transporting your body to a different place consumes time, money and energy, which are precious resources. By using VR tech, you are saving on these resources.
  2. Your brain literally associates and forms neural pathways because of input from your 5 senses i.e. taste, smell, touch, sight, sound. If you could simulate these 5 senses in VR, you could basically experience the exact same set of responses from your brain. Want to form a new habit? Want to train yourself to be a Sukhoi /F-22 pilot? Want to learn Karate? Now you can, without the added cost and probable risks of physicality.

The two points above branch into multiple more use cases. E.g: Collaborative meetings to showcase a new product, corporate training, productivity, learning a new sport, driving a narrative and so on.

Visualization techniques have long been associated with increased recall memory and learning. If you can design visual experiences that use VR, it will lead to an increased engagement, higher recall value and higher retention.

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